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1. Outreach Program

The students see more the real challenge of Christian witnessing in the faces of those living marginal lives:  the poor, sick, aged, handicapped and the orphaned.  This is a moment for them to reflect on the value of sharing and compassion to the “least of their brethren.”

2. Mission Month

In October, the mission month, the Johnians unite themselves in contributing and supporting spiritually and materially the missionary activities of the Church.

3. Devotion

g.1. The ROSARY is an inexhaustible well-spring of contemplation in the mysteries of the life of Christ and our beloved Mother.  The Holy Rosary month falls in October.

g.2. NOVENAS are meant to develop devotion to saints whose lives are worth emulating; like the first Filipino saint, San Lorenzo Ruiz, who is an example of fortitude and justice.

g.3. FEAST DAY.  Each class celebrates the feast of their patron saint with a Mass.  They also get to know the life of the saint through a lecture or a movie.