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Student Services

Campus Ministry

A ministry is a privilege to serve.  It is in giving our time to God that we grow in holiness.  Hence, students are encouraged to join any ministry which is directed to serving the church.  A Johnian can choose from the following ministries:

  1. Acolytes of the Altar Ministry.  They undergo spiritual formation and are especially trained to assist the priest meaningfully during the mass.
  2. Music Ministry.  The students give praise to God through singing.  They have to undergo a series of practices to enhance the liturgy with solemn music during the “youth mass” on Sundays.
  3. Lectors and Commentators.  They read the Word of God during the mass and assist in the liturgy.
  4. Art Ministry.   They decorate the church on special occasions.
  5. Worship Ministry.   The members organize praise and worship activities which enable the students to pray together and reflect on God’s word.
  6. Outreach Ministry.  They organize activities to visit and engage in friendly interaction with the people in the “puroks” of the Queen of Peace Parish

Guidance and Counseling Services

Guidance is an integral part of education created as a developmental service working hand-in-hand with the Academic Department to bring out the best in every individual as the school recognizes the need for students to develop as whole persons.  It is designed to promote a holistic approach to personal growth and is committed to facilitate the realization of one’s potential.

Guidance Services Offerings:

  • Counseling
  • Individual Inventory
  • Information Service
  • Career Guidance
  • Testing and Research
  • Homeroom Guidance

Sports Services

The Sports Services deal with the physical development of the students and their appreciation of every sport that is taught in their PE class. The Sports office manages the varsity and training teams in the field of sports and finds venues to hone the athletes’ skills. It supervises the coaches and coordinates with tournament organizers for the school’s participation in different competitions. It coordinates with the school’s academic department for the implementation of the sports program in school.

Science Laboratories

The High School Building has three science laboratories – the Biology Laboratory, the Chemistry Laboratory and the Physics Laboratory. They are located in the 3rd Floor of the High School Building and are supervised by the Academic Support Head.

Msgr. John B. Liu Activity Center (Gymnasium)

The gym is used for PE Classes and other special assemblies. It is located in the Elementary Campus. Reservation permit is needed from the Business Office for its use.

Little Theater

Little theater is used as a venue for programs, symposia, seminars and workshops and other departmental activities. Reservation must be filed with the High School Information Office at least 1 week for its use.


Food and refreshment can be purchased at the elementary and high school canteen during recess, lunch break and after dismissal.

Library Services

The School Library is the heart of the school.  Its function is to make instructional materials available and accessible to teachers and students to support their quest for knowledge, to develop reading and inquiry as a natural habit of life and the ability to use materials efficiently and effectively as tools for learning.

The library offers the following services:

  • User education
  • Circulation
  • Current awareness
  • Selected Dissemination of Information (SDI)
  • Supervised class research
  • Recall/reminder service
  • Request for purchase or duplication
  • Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)
  • Internet

Socio-Cultural Services

The Socio-Cultural office manages all institutional activities related to the development of the students’ awareness and appreciation of culture and arts.  It manages the different clubs’ participation in cultural presentations and competitions inside and outside the school.  It facilitates art exhibits, dance festivals, concerts, poetry reading sessions and the like in the campus.

Audio-visual Services

Audio-visual rooms are used for activities which require audio-visual facilities and equipment. Reservations and arrangements for its use are part of the library services.

TLE Laboratories

The TLE laboratories include the Cooking Room and Computer Laboratories. Cooking Room is equipped with facilities and equipment necessary for culinary activities. Computer laboratories on the other hand, are equipped with the latest state-of-the-art computer technologies to update the students with the current trends in our tech-savvy world.

Covered Court

The covered court located just right beside the gym is used for sports activities and other small gatherings and assemblies.

Medical Services

The school maintains a clinic with the services of a physician, dentist and a resident nurse who conduct medical and dental services to students and employees on school days.  Any student or employee may avail of the services for free during clinic hours.  Services offered by the clinic are the following:

  1. Medical and dental consultations
  2. Nursing services
  3. Health counseling