SJI Launches [email protected]

Urging and effecting changes in the traditional educational system is always a big challenge because of man’s natural tendency to resist any force that would take him away from his comfort zone. The current pandemic is one circumstance which necessitates a change in our educational system: transitioning from the regular classroom-based teaching to online learning.

[email protected] builds strong home-school partnership through shared responsibilities. This serves as a guide to the Online Learning Program of St. John’s Institute.

If you did not receive a copy, please email us [email protected] with the Name and Grade Level of the student.


SJI @ HOME, brings to the safety and comforts of your homes QUALITY CHRISTIAN JOHNIAN EDUCATION through an Online Learning Program, anchored on the school's vision, mission and objectives.

Posted by St. John's Institute – Hua Ming on Tuesday, June 9, 2020